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Established in 2003 privately held RGRCOM is an Added Value Distributor and a System Integrator of world leading vendors of Telecommunications and IT Solutions. Our main mission is to deliver and deploy the most unique and innovative solutions for Carriers and Enterprises in Russia, CIS and the Baltic States.

RGRCOM is an official Added Value Distributor of such worldwide leading manufacturers as Axerra Networks, Allot Communications, Bluecoat, Ceragon Networks, Crescendo Networks, IXIA Systems, Omnitron, OptiWay, Orckit - Corrigent, Oversi, Patton Electronics, PeerApp, RADCOM, Schema and others. We constantly increase our solutions’ portfolio in accordance to the needs of our emerging market. We are proactive and always the first to deliver the most advanced and qualitative solutions.

RGRCOM is a licensed and registered importer in the Russian Customs Authority. This allows us to provide our Customers and Vendors a full scale logistics support including official and prompt supplies, fast deliveries, local buffer stock, spares and well organized RMA services.

RGRCOM offers demo equipment for field trials and POCs, high level pre-sales support, configuration assistance and setup supervision, post-sales technical support, training and experts’ certification, warranty and post-warranty services, SW/HW updates/upgrades and HW repair or replacement.

RGRCOM has a wide distribution network of resellers and manages a classical two-tier sales system while controlling and maintaining adequate sales process and customer service. Our distribution network consists of Leading System Integrators, Regional Resellers and Agents across Russia and CIS.  

We constantly expand and improve our distribution network and always welcome new local and international partners.



Vendors list:

Allot Communications Axerra Networks Bluecoat
Ceragon Networks Crescendo Networks Ixia
Omnitron OptiWay Orckit - Corrigent
Oversi Patton Electronics PeerApp
Radcom RAD Data Communications Schema



Additional information
Contact information
Axerra Networks website
Allot Communications website
Bluecoat website
Ceragon Networks website
Crescendo Networks website
Ixia Systems website
Omnitron website
OptiWay website
Orckit - Corrigent website
Oversi website
Patton Electronics website
PeerApp website
Radcom website
Schema website

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